DAY TEN – Tommorrow…. Meat!!!


I cannot believe the level of energy I am experiencing over the past two days.  My sleep is deep, my energy is high, my head is clear.  I always forget how GREAT I feel on this program.  My wife and I are making a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to continue “Eating to Live” instead of “Living to Eat”. 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – THURSDAY – MARCH 18 – 6:30pm – COME TO OUR CLASS – “WHAT TO DO ON DAY 22” – Location: Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center

We will be discussing the strategies to create a lifetime committment to wellness.  How to eat… what supplements to take… what to stay away from and why… how to introduce new foods….   AND – we will have many success stories to share.  It will be a GREAT NIGHT FOR THOSE NOT ON THE PROGRAM, to learn how they too can benefit.

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Welcome to Day 10 of the Purification Program.

If you are planning on introducing lean protein such as chicken or fish into your purification program, you are only one day away.  At this point most people can’t wait!  So that you can plan your shopping, remember, you should choose organic, free-range, antibiotic-free and hormone-free protein sources if possible.  Things to be avoided are cured, smoked or luncheon meats.

How Should I Feel Today?

The main thing you are probably feeling today is a craving for meat.  Other than that, you should be feeling strong and energetic.  This is an important day, as you should be feeling good before you begin to reintroduce meat into your diet.  If you do not feel like your energy has returned, speak with your health care professional before reintroducing meat tomorrow.

Weight Loss

As you progress through this program, you may desire to add additional weight loss support products.  You can do this during the purification program or afterwards.  These products are available from Dr. Roles.  Finally, today we are discussing the third body type.

If your weight is primarily in your hips and butt, this is a problem with ovaries in women and testicles in men and is an indication of estrogen dominance.

Women, discuss the following protocol with Dr. Roles.

Chaste Tree

2 tablets in the morning (only do this if you still have your ovaries)

Ovex P

2 tablets twice per day

Flax Seed Oil

1 tablespoon per day


Reminder: Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables!

Men, discuss the following protocol with Dr. Roles.  Please also note that in addition to the weight in your hips and butt, you will most likely also exhibit weight in your belly.

Cruciferous Complete

4 capsules per day


4 capsules per day

Symplex M

4 tablets per day

Whole Food Fiber

2 level tablespoons per day


1 tablet per 50 pounds of body weight (i.e. 4 tablets for a 200lb man)

Linum B6

4 perles per day (if you prefer to add it to your shake, use Flax Seed Oil)

Flax Seed Oil

1 tablespoon per day (if you prefer pills, use Linum B6)


If you are going to be introducing lean protein during this purification, remember that you do this tomorrow (on day 11), not today (a common misunderstanding).

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