Great job everyone….  How did you do through the weekend?  Usually, the first weekend can be a challenge.  We went to a catered birthday party and for me, it was challenging.  Not so much because I wanted to eat the food at the party, I just found myself eating more.  I feel so amazingly well, I was not tempted with the pralines and cream or the bar-b-que.  And I didn’t cheat…. AWESOME….


Here is our Day Eight Email Support if you have not seen it

Congratulations!  You are done with the SP Cleanse capsules.  Well, technically you should have 3 capsules leftover (go ahead and take those this morning).  If you have more than that leftover, you probably just missed taking them at some point.  Not to worry.  Keep taking the SP Cleanse (7 capsules 3 times per day) until you have finished the bottle.  However, you should also introduce the SP Green Food starting today as indicated in the Supplement Regimen section below.

How Should I Feel Today?

After 1 week on the program, you should be feeling good.  You should not be hungry or feel like you don’t have any energy.  If you do, you are most likely not eating enough vegetables during the day.  Also remember that you can do up to 5 shakes a day.  A key point to remember is that as long as you are eating healthy vegetables, you can eat as much as you want, so you should not feel hungry.

Weight Loss

As you progress through this program, you may desire to add additional weight loss support products.  You can do this during the purification program or afterwards.  These products are available from Dr. Roles.  Today we start a series of tips on what products to take for your body shape.

If your weight is generalized and you are heavy all over (typical hypothyroidism), the thyroid is most likely your weak endocrine gland.  Discuss the following protocol with Dr. Roles.

Coleus Forte

1 tablet three times daily

Prolamine Iodine

3 tablets per day

Thyroid Complex

1 tablet three times daily


If you have trouble taking all of the capsules each day you can try mixing them in with your shakes.  The first 7 days this makes for a bit of an intense shake (mainly due to the cayenne in the SP Cleanse), however now that you have completed those, you might consider this if taking the pills is difficult for you.

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