DYK?  Did you know that when most people get hungry, they actually are not.  The typical American Diet, nearly 87% processed foods and animal products, is so absent of nutrients and so high in protein, that the body becomes a “toxic mess”.  When the typical American has not eaten for awhile, the body’s natural systems begin the process of detoxification.  This is when you feel like you need to eat, preferably something sweet, sour or fatty. Because when you do, the uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification subside.  And your body just gets sicker…….

For those of you starting the 21 DAY FREEDOM PLAN, you are about to stop this endless cycle of dieting, of trying to lose weight just to put it on again, of getting sicker each and every day.  In your first week, your body will start to detoxify.  Your systems of detoxification are strongly supported during this time with your Standard Process whole food supplements.  They will help to minimize the uncomfortable feelings.  But be prepared for them.  Common symptoms are fatigue, sluggishness, general uncomfortableness, excessive sleep, perhaps some mild sweating or bodily discomfort.  Drink alot of water, especially during your first week.  Try to get at least 90 ounces of water in daily.   Three Smart Waters are a good example.

Once you get through the first week of cleansing, your “hunger pains”, or “detoxification symptoms” will start to clear and your energy will start to climb.  Listen to your body, because you will then start to experience what “normal hunger” feels like.  It will be a gentle urge felt in your throat or stomach, and your desire will be for real food, not the processed sugars, fats and animal products your body has learned to crave.

This will be the start of your new life.  A life full of joy, because for once in your life, YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your body…. Your body in not in control of you.!

Stay tuned and check into my blog each day over this 21 day journey…. Good Luck!   Dr. Craig Roles, DABCI, DCBCN

I wish to give proper credit to a colleague of mine, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who authored his best selling book titled, “Eat To Live.”   Please take the time to educate yourself, read Dr. Fuhrman’s book and visit his website.  The more you learn, the more successful you will be

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