For all participants on the 21 DAY FREEDOM PLAN, Susie and I are very excited for you. We have had the chance to talk to most of you and discuss your goals and your strategies. This is an EXCITING TIME!!! If you have not had a one on one with me or with Susie, please call our office to schedule a time. We can do this on the phone or in the office. If you want to have blood tests taken, please let us know. I have a great rate for a complete $500 wellness panel for under $100. We can also make recommendations through your insurance. Check into by BLOG daily for encouragement, tips and recipes. If you on Facebook, check us out at www.facebook.com/chiropractorhenderson for fun, sharing, recipes….. WE START ON MONDAY…. TAKE THE TIME TO CLEAR YOUR KITCHEN… and call us anytime if you need.

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