Are You Draining Your Own Energy?

6253806401_9a9cd9a555.jpgYou may pride yourself on being the one person who says they’re going to get something done, and you don’t rest until it happens. But this can be a huge drain on your own energy reserves because you’re likely dancing to the tune of someone else’s agenda rather than your own.

One way to check and see if you’re constantly working on someone else’s “to do” list, check and see how you feel after you complete a task. If your energy is up and you feel like you could do it again, then make a note of that activity. If you’re left feeling drained and non-motivated, make a note of that as well. A list with a two-sided column next to it will suffice. When your energy is up, note it on the green side. If your energy is down, not it on the red side.

After a week, evaluate the tasks that you routinely do and check it against how you feel.

The idea is to spend more time on the green-column activities rather than on the red side. And I’m going to let you in on a secret, this is how your choices determine whether you live a life of obligation or of fulfillment.

Another way to stop the constant draining of your energy is to evaluate your internal clock. Are you a night owl? Or are you a morning person? The world seems to command that everyone become a morning person, and you are judged at work by how well you resemble a natural early riser. The problem comes in when you aren’t. Never have been. Never will be. Your entire body, all the way down to your cells is a night owl and by forcing yourself to get up earlier, you are not performing optimally.

Every single person has an optimal performance window, and it is up to you to discover what it is. While you may not have the natural instincts of a morning person, but work requires that you attend to tasks in the morning, see if you can shuffle things around so that you’re working on more difficult, cognitive tasks when you are more awake and functioning properly. You may never change your boss’s mind about when you ought to show up to work in the morning, but you can know you’re reassigning the important work for when you’re mentally capable of doing it.

Pay attention to your energy levels. When you are feeling high energy, then attack those tasks that are more challenging. Allow the less important tasks to wait for the times when you are less sharp and need the opportunity to coast a little bit. Your life will take a turn for the better when you manage your energy rather than allowing it to manage you.

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Lumbar Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment

images (23)Many individuals experience lower back pain, also referred to as lumbar back pain, below the rib cage in their body, which causes extreme pain and discomfort. It is usually contracted by individuals because of different work related activities which involve the lifting of heavy objects or long and strenuous hours for operating various machines at the workplace. Chiropractic treatment is reputed to be highly beneficial for relieving the pain of the individuals suffering from lower back pain.

What Is Lumbar Back Pain?

The lumbar or lower back area, provides support to the physical structure of a human being. It also facilitates the movement of an individual and protects different body tissues. Lumbar back pain is the pain experienced by an individual in the lower area of the spine, which may be caused due to a slipped or ruptured disc, problems in the ligaments, spinal cord or nerves.

The pain usually starts below the rib cage and eventually affects the movement of an individual. The pain may be caused because of involvement in any strenuous activity, trauma or accident. The symptoms of lumbar back pain include weakness in the leg and loss of bowel and bladder control. In some cases, the patient might also suffer from a fever along with heightened episodes of pain, while coughing or sneezing. These symptoms are glaring indications of a severe lumbar back pain experienced by an individual.

If an individual experiences lumbar pain, because of a ruptured disc, then it might exert pressure on the nerves. If the sciatic nerve is pressurized, then the individual might face excruciating pain and even problems in mobility.

It is very important to adopt certain changes in the work styles and everyday activities, in order to prevent a constant back pain from developing. Different postures at the work place prompt lower back pain in individuals which can grow to dangerously severe proportions if not treated in time. Patients of lumbar back pain require a few weeks of rest for the pain to subside successfully, whereas in extreme cases surgical treatment may also be required.

Chiropractic Care and Lumbar Back Pain

Chiropractors provide non surgical treatment procedures for different musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel, sciatica, neck and back pain. They offer joint manipulation and muscle adjustment services for the quick recovery and relief of patients. The treatment is focused on therapy sessions which aim to relieve the extreme pain suffered by the patients and provide them a healthy solution to their muscle strains and back pain problems.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing: Blausen 0484 HerniatedLumbarDisc.png

Chiropractics and the Importance of a Proper Diet

57925008_7e7ef4dda4_oAmong the many things that a chiropractor recommends to a patient, a healthy diet is most important. A proper diet is essential to heal the spinal cord, along with prevention of further damage.

According to a study conducted in the state of New York, chiropractors were asked if they used any nutritional counseling in their treatments, which not just includes back problems, but also obesity, artery diseases, diabetes and a variety of other diseases affecting the human body.

Around 80 percent of those surveyed stated that they did use some form of nutritional counseling in their treatments, which gives an overview of the importance of proper diet in chiropractic. 50 percent of those who used nutritional counseling considered it to be a very important part of the chiropractic therapy.

The Link between Chiropractics and Diet

Chiropractic therapy treats numerous ailments, such as inflammation in the lower back or autoimmune anomalies like arthritis, scoliosis, neuritis or osteoarthritis. Research suggests that dietary changes can affect inflammation, which in turn can reduce the symptoms and pain caused by it. Also, most chiropractic patients are women, other symptoms that they may suffer from, such as menopause and premenstrual syndromes, can also be cured by proper diet and nutrition.

Not only that, but a proper diet can also help prevent spinal diseases from developing. As obesity is one of the most common causes of back problems, eating healthy non-fat foods can make a person less prone to spinal diseases like Sciatica.

There are numerous benefits in keeping a healthy diet, including increased energy, lower blood pressure and improved cognition, which result in a speedy recovery. Health foods such as low sugar whole grains, fruits and vegetables also reduce the risk of spinal tumors and cancer.

Improper nutrition, such as an excess of salts in the diet, can result in several other diseases as well, including high blood pressure. There is a direct link established between diabetes and excess Carbohydrates in the diet.

As dietary needs differ from individual to individual, you can ask your chiropractor to make a nutritional plan for you to follow according to your needs. A chiropractor could assess the nature of your ailment and devise a dietary schedule specifically suited to treat your condition.


Image Used under Creative Commons license. Photo Credit: Fruit & Vegetable Box by Ali Karimian

THE WAVE – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Sponsored by LIFE CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE WEST…. this was one of the most inspiring events I have been to in my 32 years of practice.  They spoke the truth about CHIROPRACTIC.  They spoke the truth about HUMANPOTENTIAL.  They spoke the truth about this AMAZING BODY of ours and it’s innate ability to heal.  You see, there is, within each and every one of us, a HEALING FORCE.  A powerful force that knows nothing but what needs to be done to make this body better. A FORCE, I believe, that was put within us when God breathed life into Adam.

They spoke the truth about the SPINE & NERVOUS SYSTEM and about SUBLUXATION.  Our body has miraculous abilities, God-given abilities to heal; however, if the flow of LIFE FORCE, the FLOW OF ENERGY within our bodies is disrupted or INTERFERED WITH, we lose our health.  In fact, the consequences can be deadly.

Imagine as if you had a network of computers operating a city, and that network was dependent upon fiber optic cables to transmit data between the different computers.  And that these computers provided life for the city in the way of water, power, electricity and gas.  What do you imagine would happen if, all of a sudden, the fiber optic system was compromised.  That there was INTERFERENCE in the fiber optic line.  WHAT WOULD HAPPEN???

PEOPLE WOULD DIE…. RIGHT?  Especially the elderly who are life dependent upon electricity for their heating, cooling and refrigeration.

This is exactly what is going on inside your body. There is an INNATE INTELLIGENCE, like the main frame computer, that is running the show.  And it requires a complex network of FIBER OPTIC CABLES called NERVES to carry the information from one part of the body to the next. The SPINE is your LIFELINE, because that is exactly where the NERVES are flowing through.  You see, when you are SUBLUXATED, you lose the vast network of cables / nerves traveling down the spine and out to all of the organs.  And just as that city required a LIFELINE, an intact system of communication, your body does too.

Without that LIFELINE, without a NERVOUS SYSTEM FREE OF INTERFERENCE, you end up with DEATH.  No different than the elderly in the city that has lost it’s connection to the MAIN COMPUTER.


Special thanks to Dr. Brian Kelly, President, Life Chiropractic College West

Choose Chiropractic Care for Healthier Living

Activator_II_adjustment_instrumentChiropractic care is a medical system that aims to eliminate the root of a problem rather than just suppressing the symptoms.  Chiropractors manipulate the spinal column along with other parts of the body with the aim of easing pain, promoting the body’s systems to naturally heal it along with prescribing exercise to eliminate postural problems.

This approach introduces a healthier lifestyle for an individual.

Chiropractic Treatment Techniques

Here are numerous chiropractic treatment techniques that are used in treating patients:


The activator is a device that is used to correct minor misalignments in the spine.  It sends a small impulse that is sufficient enough to move the vertebrae without causing any injury.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)

This is a non-forceful technique that is used to remove blocked energy in the body and allows it to heal itself.
Cox Flexion Distraction

This procedure is a safe alternate to back surgery and is designed to relieve lower back pain by altering the spinal column.  However, it is also used to treat disc herniation, stenosis, arm and neck pains as well as many other complications.
Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology gauges a muscles’ strength or weakness to find an illness.
Thompson Terminal Point

This technique utilizes a special drop table to adjust the full length of the spine.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

The SOT technique is designed to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate pain in the head, neck, spinal cord, TMJ as well as improve function of many organs.



Logan Basic Technique

The Logan technique applies a gentle and sustained pressure at the base of the spine, that corrects the balance of the spinal column and releases tension.
A gentle, sustained pressure is exerted at the base of the spine. Correcting the sacrum corrects the rest of the spine.

Nimmo Technique

Nimmo technique is designed to relieve people of their chronic pain, whether in the muscle system, nervous system or skeletal system.


Orthotics focuses design and construction of external devices that help in modifying the structure of the body, such as uneven leg length, incorrect spinal curvature and tilted pelvis.

Emphasis on Exercise

Chiropractors believe that physical exercise is essential for the well-being of the human body.  This is why they prescribe exercises that are easy to carry out at home.  These exercises aim at reducing or preventing obesity that is a major factor in causing heart diseases, diabetes and many other diseases.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing: Activator II adjustment instrument.png

Four Secrets to Increase Your Work Productivity

If you find yourself having trouble being productive at work, here are a couple tips that might be helpful.

1. Throw Out Perfectionism. Good does not have to equal great. In fact good enough is sometimes better than great because you can produce good work on time, where producing great work might put you way behind a project plan. When that happens other important tends to get ignored. This not only makes you work harder, longer, and faster, but you will ultimately burn out and find it harder and harder to recover. Trust yourself that the work you are doing is good enough and then give yourself props for getting it done on time.

2. Prepare for the Day Ahead. People who get a lot done in a single day are organized and know exactly what they are doing on any given day. The biggest secret is time spent either at the end of the previous day or early every morning is to take quiet time alone and plan the day out. Create a “to-do” list and prioritize tasks. Then make sure you handle the most important and/or the most difficult tasks first or when you know yourself to be most productive. Physically writing out the list improves your memory on what you plan to do and notes on each task help you to make sure you don’t leave anything to chance.

3. Limit Time Spent Online. Don’t sit at your desk and check your emails every fifteen minutes. Generally speaking, most emails are not that important so unless you are waiting for one that is absolutely vital (and we all know that doesn’t happen very often) then set aside one or two times during the day when you check your email, and the rest of the time get off the internet. People have done their own experiments and have found that when they unplug from the internet for a set period of time are more than twice as productive as when they keep their computer connected to the internet.

4. Take Frequent Breaks. Like it or not, by breaking away from work and taking a quick five minute break will allow you to return to your task refreshed and rejuvenated. Some people believe that they have to sit at their desk until a task is done. By the end of the day they are exhausted and the task is still undone. Workers who learn to listen to their bodies and their brains for signs of fatigue give the body the ability to move, hydrate, oxygenate and then return to the task with improved efficiency. Take a walk. Climb stairs. Drink water. Go out of the building for lunch. Anything that changes your physical position makes a difference.

Risks of Leaving the Sciatica Untreated

9605942387_6e2293b844Sciatica is very painful medical condition in which the patient experiences extreme pain and tingling sensations in his back, hip, legs and thighs. The pain is caused as a result of pressure exerted on the nerves, either due to any inflammation in the vertebra or the narrowing of the spinal canal. Piriformis syndrome, lumber spinal stenosis and spinal disc herniation are common causes of sciatica pain in individuals. Chiropractic treatment is highly effective for relieving the patients of the painful condition.

Why Is Prompt Identification And Treatment Important?

It is very important for patients to recognize the symptoms and seek professional medical assistance for their sciatica condition. The doctor takes prompt prescribed tests to identify the cause of the sciatica pain in order to focus his attention on the specific treatment required for the condition.

If a patient does not seek medical assistance for his sciatica problem, it may result in exaggerating his condition with the period of time. A number of possible problems can arise for the patient besides the continuous pain in the back and the hip region.

Permanent Nerve Damage

Patients who do not seek prompt medical help for their sciatica run a high risk of suffering from permanent nerve damage. In case of a permanent damage to the sciatica nerve, the patient will experience excruciating pain in the back and legs, which will not be alleviated to a satisfactory level, even with the use of pain relieving medication.

The different treatment methods like water and physical therapy become extremely painful for the patient because of his severe nerve damage.

Paralysis in the Affected Limb

The patient experiences a loss of feeling in the affected limb, which in some cases also leads to difficulty in movement, and ultimately paralysis. The affected leg becomes devoid of all sensation and movement, hampering the patient already troubled with the excruciating pain.

Loss of Bladder Control

Patients who do not get medical treatment for their sciatica problem can experience a loss of control in their bladder and bowels. This adds to the problems already faced by the patient while dealing with his sciatica condition.

A pressurized sciatica nerve causes severe pain, tingling and numbing sensations in the legs and thighs, and cramps along with fever. Patients should seek prompt medical assistance for the correct identification and treatment of sciatica before the condition becomes incurable. Chiropractic treatment is considered as very effective for the treatment of sciatica pain in individuals.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing: Leg pain by The Clear Communication People


DAY 6 email stated, “NO BEANS, NO NUTS”
CORRECTION BY DR. ROLES: BEANS ARE ALLOWED – NO LIMIT. NUTS ARE ALLOWED ON DAY 12 – small portions, handful (one ounce); best on your vegies as opposed to a snack (too easy to overeat as a snack).